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Fly Away [04:44]
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Harley-Davidson Story [05:18]
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Modern Suicide [06:55]
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Can't Go Back
( Lyrics by: Kirker xx Music by: Ruzicka )

It travels on the breeze.
I can hear it in the trees.
A lost soul caught in time, it speaks to me.
Of a love so long ago.
So strong it couldn’t let go that it stood the test of time.

It started from treachery.
And ended in misery.
She was taken from her home so long ago.
By a man that she did hate.
Started her new life when she was eight.
As one of the people out on the plains.

You can’t go back.
No matter how hard you try.
Yet your legend will never die.

She married a would be chief.
For twenty years they lived in peace.
Until the “washichu” found her.
They brought her back.
Back to her past where she died of a broken heart.

Modern Suicide
( Lyrics by: Kirker xx Music by: Ruzicka )

Is it a suicide to drink your life away?
Is it a suicide to smoke three packs a day?
You know that is wrong but you do it anyway.
Is it a suicide to throw your life away?

You see it on the TV and in the picture shows.
What is right and wrong – how will the children know?
We tell them it’s wrong but we do it anyway.
How will the children know when we contradict what we say?

Is it a suicide to live your life today?
Everything that you do can kill you in some way.
Children with guns blow each other away.
These are the things they are taught today.

The simple pleasures of life don’t mean much today.
At what age in life do you give your soul away?
Hope for redemption, lies deep within.
No one else can save you, the struggle is within.

( Lyrics by: Ruzicka xx Music by: Ruzicka )

Lazy and retarded mood is running the torque of my mind.
Silence in me smells like wine.
Real thinking behind the scene opens your philosophy.
Your brain has its own ecstasy.

Crossing the bridge just for you. Looking for your holy grail.
A melody is just for sale.
Your call is to determine what’s fiction and what’s reality.
It’s a test of your humanity.

Loading the silence, nobody’s home.
Sensual science! Flow!

Crossing the bridge anyway. Illusion's driving the day.
Watching you through gamma ray.
Another call is to decide what’s simply wrong and what’s right.
Radiation of your mind!